Low flying, down to 100ft on ocasions, is an essential part of modern warfare training for all RAF, NATO and USAF pilots. Here in the UK there are a number of designated low flying areas across the country the areas which feature are predominantly in the hills and mountains of England, Wales and Scotland and it is in the valleys in these areas where notable "pinch points" arise and where a photographer may climb to a point just below, parallel or even above the planes themselves and attempt to capture the fast action manoeuvres of these highly skilled, very professional and very brave people in their flying machines.  

This basically is what we do. There is no predetermined flight timetable no guarantee that planes will fly the weather especially in the mountains is at the least unpredictable but we carry our kit and our provisions for the day up the mountainside choose our vantage point and we wait and wait always looking out for anything moving in the distance for once spotted we may have five or six seconds to ready ourselves point focus and shoot as our target whizzes past.  

This challenge of unpredictability, alertness, awareness, focus selection, exposure selection, shot selection and honing of panning skills is the essence of low level jet fast action photography. The attributes of being able to think, act, anticipate and innovate quickly when optimally combined can produce stunning action images. This is what we strive for there is a massive commitment of time and energy involved in capturing these images but the rewards in terms of personal satisfaction are immense.